10 New Year's Resolutions for you and your dog in 2021!

Let’s close the 2020 chapter and start fresh in 2021 by setting some simple, achievable resolutions to help you and your dog make this year one of the best yet. 

Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions for you and your dog. 

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1. Get up & get going

This year it's time to get fit, exercise more and focus on overall physical health. Getting active is even easier when you have a dog. They give you that extra motivation to get outside and go on a run or walk. And there's no denying the positive benefits that being active and getting outdoors has on both our physical and mental health. 

2. Check out some new places

Tired of waking up and taking your dog on the same exact walk every morning, afternoon, and evening? It's time to try taking a walk down that street you always pass and never turn down. Maybe even try a new park. :)

3. Break out the tricks 

Working remote? Then you should have even more time to spend with your dog; so why not make them smarter? By working with your pet for even just a few minutes a day, you will be impressed about what they can accomplish. Try for a new trick every month! If you need some inspiration, check out our training recs from @letliveleonardlee.

4. Sorry buddy….less human food :( 

I personally am very guilty of sharing and oversharing my meals. Puppy eyes are sooo hard to turn down. Sometimes the smell of that bacon is so irresistible that you feel like you have no choice... But you do! If it's not healthy for you, it’s not healthy for your pet either. This year, share a healthy treat that you made. Which leads us to...

5. Bake healthy treats

Baking with wholesome fruits and veggies is a great way to incorporate healthy vitamins and minerals into your pet's diet. Check out our blog post on Healthy Dog Treats to inspire some healthy, easy and fun recipes to try out this year! 

6. Outdoor restaurants 

One of the biggest benefits with outdoor dining establishments is that they are usually pet friendly! Hang out with your dog and support local business at the same time! An added bonus: some might even have a pet menu!

7. To the vet we go

As much as your dog might not like the visit to the vet, it is so important to keep them healthy. Take some time to schedule a well visit and make sure that they are as healthy on the inside as they may seem on the outside! 

8. After the vet, unwind at the spa

Keeping your dog well groomed will help them look and feel their best selves. Maintaining trimmed nails, along with clean ears and teeth are all essential. 

9. Make a new friend

Social media can help you and your dog make new friends. Branch out and join a Facebook group in your area! Dog parks are the perfect place to maintain social distancing while also socializing. There are Facebook groups for pet parents all across the country. Some even exist for specific breeds and sizes. 

10. Spend more time together

Is your dog your best friend? Prove it to them! Vouch this year to give an extra belly rub or head scratch a day. They will thank you :) 

Happy new year // #sharethefetch


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