New Year's Resolutions 2022

Small changes can lead to big ones, that's why this year we've compiled a simple list of 5 achievable resolutions to help you and your dog have the best year yet! 

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for you and your dog. 

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1. Explore new places

Are you tired of waking up and taking your dog on the same exact walk every morning, afternoon, and evening? It's time to try taking a walk down that street you always pass and never turn down. Maybe even try a new park or dog-friendly outdoor restaurant. One of the most significant benefits of outdoor dining establishments is that they are usually pet-friendly! Hang out with your dog and support local businesses at the same time. A bonus: some might even have a pet menu!

2. Get up and get moving

This year it's time to get fit, exercise more, and focus on overall physical health. Getting active is even easier when you have a dog. They give you that extra motivation to get outside and go on a run or walk, and there's no denying the positive benefits that being active and getting outdoors can offer regarding our physical and mental health. Our Essentials Pack is amazing to bring along on the new adventures. The Essentials Pack will keep you and your dog prepared for any situation. It includes a Zip Bowl and Water Bottle for on-the-go convenience, as well as a large Travel Mat folds up for easy transport. A Bungee Handler is also included as it's great for keeping you and your dog engaged. It's packed it up in a compressible, rip stop bag and slapped a reflective logo on the back.

3. Stimulate your dog by teaching them some new tricks!

By working with your pet for even just a few minutes a day, you will be impressed by what they can accomplish. This is an excellent way for you to stimulate your dog and activate different parts of their brain. Try a new trick every month! If you need some inspiration, check out our training recs from @letliveleonardlee.

4. Organize some pet playdates

Whether you live in an apartment building or a house, do you have a new neighbor with a dog? Bring them over some homemade treats and see if the dogs want to have a playdate! Social media can help you and your dog make new friends. Branch out and join a Facebook group in your area. There are Facebook groups for pet parents all across the country. Some even exist for specific breeds and sizes. Dog parks are the perfect place to maintain social distancing while also socializing.

5. Spend more time together

Is your dog your best friend? Prove it to them! Vouch this year to give an extra belly rub or head scratch a day. They will thank you. :)


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Happy new year // #sharethefetch

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