Share the Fetch: Phineas

Today we got in touch with the sassy Phineas the French Bulldog who is living his best life in New York City! His owner, Lawrence gives us the inside scoop on what its like living in a busy city with a dog, and how to make the most of it while getting outdoors and staying active! 

N-Gage: How old is Phineas?
Lawrence: Phineas is one!

NG: Where did Phineas get his name from? 
L: Phineas & Ferb the Disney Cartoon (My three young nephews named him).

NG: What nicknames does Phineas go by?
L:  Phin, Floofer, fluffy, SIR, DROP IT, French Fry... there are many.

NG: Have you always wanted a French Bulldog?
L: Forever.

dog with n-gage toy 

NG: How do you keep Phineas active?
L: We go on lots of adventures around New York City and Upstate New York.

NG: Does living in the city prevent you and Phineas from being super active outdoors?
L: Not at all. He always wants to be on the move. We also go upstate a lot to visit family, go hiking and explore!

NG: Favorite N-GAGE toy?
L: The Mat for sleeping... but also the Bungee Handler cause it’s super chewy and it’s a squeaky.

NG: Would you ever want to add to your pup family?
L: I want between 2-100000 dogs... so yes definitely.

NG: You mention Phineas is sassy.... what's the sassiest thing Phineas has ever done?
L: I’m not sure it’s appropriate...

NG: We love your pics, any chance you'd let us know what kind of camera you use!?
L: iPhone XS MAX. People always ask what camera but to be honest I just use my iPhone. Each photo is probably the sum of 5-20 photos and then I edit it and BAM! Phineas was born to do this though. He loves the attention.

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