Dog Stuff: Week of April 2

This week and next week, we've got recs from Teresa Hanula and the epic Leonard Lee. Leonard is an avid trick dog whose tricks include handstands, driving in his own Jeep (for real), dog parkour and painting (more to come on this later). Two of his paintings have even been featured in a gallery in London. The way they put it: "Do what you love and love what you do." 

Teresa has been training dogs since 2000 and her dog students have been featured on Letterman, the Daily Show and CBS' Greatest American Dog to mention a few. For more info on them check out A Dog's World (the pet care and training company she owns) at and make sure to give 'em a follow @liveloveleonardlee.

Anyways, check out part one of Teresa and Leonard Lee's thoughts below: 

dog yoga

Exercise 🐾 

Fetch is always a fun game, especially if you have a nice long hallway! You can also incorporate some training before each throw! Ask your dog to take it, leave it, and tug and then the reward is a great sprint down the hall!  You will start seeing your dog become more attentive and you can use play as a reward to shape any behavior! My own dog is personally very toy motivated so 90% of what he has learned was taught using this method! 

Trick Training 🐾

It can be quite challenging to exercise a high energy dog in quarantine, but our best shot is through mental stimulation. Any commands that you teach Fido will help him become a better student for all future commands! But, if you're picking and choosing what to teach, tricks are our favorite and always a crowd pleaser! Then you can show off all these fun behaviors on social media and truly wow your friends! 

Some great tricks to start with are spin, crawl and weaving through your legs, just to name a few! Watch your dog light up with excitement as they learn! It's a great way to bond and Fido will be eager for more! 

Weekly Inspo

The Cheeto Messenger

Atlanta Humane puppies roam free at aquarium

All praise the lords of the treats

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