Let's re-think the dog toy.

Too often do we hear about the "unbreakable" toy... We're here to tell you it's a myth. Sure, our toys are made from premium materials that we consider to be the best available; they're incredibly durable; and they're carefully designed to endure... But it's more important to us that people view our products as tools to engage with their canine companions, rather than objects used to placate and replace their love. At it's heart, N-GAGE is an effort to promote wellbeing, mindfulness and, well, at the end of the day we want to inspire you and your dog to have more fun, together.


All of our products are carefully designed and well-built with a focus on INTERACTIVITY, DURABILITY and SAFETY. We use the highest quality of materials to ensure you get those longer distance throws, stronger tugs, and most importantly, more time N-GAGING.

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Through partnerships with select organizations, as well as grants and donations, we believe we can help raise awareness and build support for the health benefits, both physical and mental that come from spending more time with our dogs.

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Purveyors of the Everyday Epic


Let's be real here, not everyone has a mountain range in their backyard and everyone N-GAGEs differently... As such, the N-Gage community celebrates all pets and their humans. Join the pack and share your meaningful moments with us: @ngagebrand | #sharethefetch

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