Best of the Best Dog Treat Recipies

Is it okay to spoil your pet? When it comes to homemade treats – we encourage it! With most of us staying closer to home these days, we have found some great ways for you and your pup to have some fun in the kitchen.
We have combed through endless recipes online and created a “best of the best” quick list for you and your dog to choose from. Whether they are a peanut butter fanatic or stick to mostly meat or fish, we found some recipes for your dog that are sure to please.

For the Peanut Butter Lover: Here is a quick, easy, 5 ingredient, one bowl recipe (P.S. It only takes 30 minutes). Of course, keep in mind that natural peanut butter is always the best choice. Thanks to @momontimeout.

Healthy, Low-Calorie Dog Treats: For those who are trying to keep a trim waste. This recipe includes ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen, and eat on a regular basis. Here we have a fruit and veggie-based treat that is also going to make your kitchen smell delicious. Thanks to Dog Treat Kitchen.

Go Fish: This recipe is salmon and tuna based and can be adjusted into any sizes you want as they are easy to cut. They are only 4 ingredients and once made, can even be put into ice cube trays and frozen. Thanks to Tasty Low Carb

Beefy and Boujie: If you are in the market to pamper your pooch a little more with some human-grade beef, here is a fantastic recipe. These treats include ground beef, diced green beans, pumpkin purée, cooked oatmeal, and eggs. They are flour free - so no need to roll out dough. Thanks to @sweetandspicymonkey 

Chicken or Turkey Jerky: Chicken and Turkey are low calorie, high protein snacks for you AND your furry friend. Yes you read that right, they are human and dog enjoyable. Check out this simple, tasty jerky recipe that includes a peanut butter marinade with a splash of soy sauce. Thanks to @popsugar

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