The hydro Handler

It Floats!


Have more fun, together.

Let's be real here, not everyone has a mountain range in their backyard and most of us don't have the freedom to spend every waking minute getting into the most epic of scenarios with our dogs. Most of us are lucky if we get an hour per day throwing the ball or hanging in the park. So we build products to help you get that extra toss... that extra lap... that extra 15 minutes. Because who wants to worry about a broken clasp or a fuzzed out tennis ball when you only should be worried about having a good time with your best bud.


Toy of the Week: The Hydro Handler

Perfect for Land And Sea.

With multiple built in handles for interactivity and easy retrieval. The Hydro Handler is guaranteed to float and one of our most durable toys. Take it to the beach, the lake, the pool or just for a nice easy walk around the block.

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