The Travel Mat

Have you tried the N-GAGE Travel Mat? We feel like it's a must have for every dog-on-the-go. We wanted to break it down a bit on the blog this week...

The Travel Mat is a foldable, padded mat that we specifically designed for providing comfort on the go. It's compressible, and comes packed in our signature travel bag for minimal footprint storage.

The initial idea was a sleeping pad for dogs that provided as much loft/cushion as possible without being too puffy or flimsy to be considered a bed. The second goal was to make it easily transportable. And lastly, we wanted to make sure it could stand up to the test of time. What we ended up with is a great all-round piece of gear and in our minds, an essential for any dog-on-the-go. 

The Mat

The mat itself is a soft brushed polyester top and a breathable mesh woven bottom. The breathability can help provide a cooling effect during a hot day, which can provide a nice respite on a hot patio or deck (note: we wouldn't leave it out to bake in the direct sunlight, or your pup for that matter). 

On the other hand, the loft provides enough of a lift from the cool ground at night to make the Travel Mat a great camp bed for you stargazers out there. 

The Bag

N-GAGE Travel Mat

This week, we reached out to our friend @molly_thevizsla to do a quick breakdown on why she loves it so much: 

"Molly loves to sunbathe, but because of her short coat, she gets hot laying on the deck. When we lay down the N-GAGE mat, she will lie outside all day. In fact, she chooses to lay on the mat instead of the outdoor patio furniture! The mat is also great because we can easily fold it up and take it with us anywhere we go."

Simply put, the Travel Mat is great for chilling, catching a good tan, or just taking a great nap.

You can shop for it now here. And be sure to check out our friend @Molly_TheVizsla on Instagram. 

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