Cross Country with Kodi

With summer comes longer days, more opportunities for adventure and exploration, and extra time to spend with your best friend. What better way is there to combine all three of those than to hop in the car, pick a destination, and make memorable stops along the way?

Dakota (better known as Kodi) the 11lb, two-year-old pug, hitched a ride with her mom who traveled across 10 states and over 30 hours in the car, all within a matter of a few days. Kodi is making the move from Connecticut to Texas and bringing every last toy with her. 


Kodi is really a trooper. Along the way she endured a 5-mile hike through beautiful Roaring Gap North Carolina, explored the booming (or not so booming….thanks Coronavirus) city of Nashville Tennessee, hustled and bustled through the city of Dallas, Texas, and of course, marked some territory in front of numerous gas stations along the way. 

Kodi is extremely athletic and known by friends as the one who “could have gone D1 if she was a human.” Towards the end of the North Carolina adventure, she was bobbing and weaving through shrubs and twigs on a hike, but when a rushing waterfall could be heard in the distance, her one weakness took over. Even the strongest of athletes have their fears and Kodi’s is wild H2O, (not the substance in her water bowl). She yanked and pulled away, dodged splashes left and right, and quickly nestled back into her doggie car seat to venture on to Nashville. 

While Nashville was not as open as she was hoping for, Kodi was able to snag a room at The Aertson, a beautiful dog-friendly hotel, where the manager sent up a large fluffy bed along with food and water bowls for her convenience. Kodi was also able to hear some live music and dine at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken where they served her a tasty tender. 

After a day of relaxing at the hotel and enjoying all Nashville had to offer, she was back in the car seat and settled down for the 10-hour trek to Dallas. While there she reunited with some of her old roommates and even met her new cousin, Charlie, an 8-month old Cavapoo. They had a blast playing in the sprinkler while filling up their hungry bellies with some essential Tex-Mex. 

Kodi’s adventures left her exhausted but happy as ever to spend so much time with her mom, and she can’t wait to begin her next chapter in Austin, TX. Be sure to check back to see how she's handling the heat in ATX!

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