Share the Fetch: Running the Farm

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It’s a classic tale of partners in crime... encouraging each other with licks and pats on the back and occasionally enjoying a laugh at the other's expense. Here’s the picture and you’ve seen it before, a wire-haired Pudelpointer, head out the window of an F-250, tongue flying and all smiles. The difference is, it’s 6:30am, the sun is just barely waking up and the thermometer in the car is blinking 00’s because their hand-cut fisherman’s cottage nestled into the corner of the small harbor doesn’t boast a garage. While it sure is beautiful up in northern Maine in the winter, the dark and the cold can be wearing. These two work together to stay motivated and keep smiling, 365 days of the year.

N-Gage: So an oyster farm, in northern Maine, sounds cold.
I was looking for a way to make a living off the water and I found it here in Damariscotta, Maine. It's definitely a bit chilly in the winter but it sure gets beautiful up here, the people are the salt of the earth and life is the way it should be. Also, a large portion of the quality of our oysters come from the temperature factor... and it's a great excuse to have a fireplace.

NG: Tell us about Glidden Point.
We grow oysters from seed to market size. We harvest year round for distributors around the country and discerning chef's overnight via FedEx. We also welcome customers right to the farm to learn what we do and why! Come by!

NG: Describe a typical "day-in-the-life" for Tyde and yourself.
Well we're up early, around dawn. Rochelle and Tyde are usually up a bit earlier and they go for a run, Tyde comes in and wakes me up, we drink some coffee and head to the farm. She helps me get the boat going, we'll check cold storage and then have a quick check in with the crew we've got up there. She hates office time but fortunately there's a giant field about twenty feet from the doorway. When we dive she'll come on the boat and keep a lookout. After work I take her on a walk. Lately we've been going down this trail to the beach by the farm, and sometimes I take her through town. Then we all usually sit by the fire at the end of the day.

NG: How'd you meet Tyde?
I was introduced to the Breed when in Jackson, WY and it was love at first sight. I tracked down a breeder in Ontario, Canada, put my deposit in and waited. Tyde was flown in a crate and I picked her up at the airport. After a quick debacle of figuring out a passport for her, we were on our way back to Maine.

NG: The whole work-life balance thing was a big factor?
Yeah, I really do believe in that. I think fisherman and farmer were the original lifestyle brand. We live and breath our work.
I'm very fortunate to have a job that allows me to spend more time with my dog. Especially because my job is my life.

NG: Why a wire-haired Pudelpointer?
Smart and versatile. What more could you ask for? Oh and the mustache is a nice feature! It's a motivated breed. I, we, spend a lot of time outdoors and in big spaces... Tyde helps me stay motivated and driven. She gives me and Rochelle a reason to get outdoors and explore around where we live.

NG: Alright one more, why Tyde, and are there any special talents she's got that we should know about?
The Tide is the most powerful force in Nature. Had to add the "Y" so she didn't get confused with laundry detergent. Tyde loves to impress me with her wits. So any training exercises she really enjoys. Can't go wrong with a game of Fetch, anywhere any time, she's ready to go! She's done it all. Fishing trips for multiple nights at sea, skiing and hunting... camping, you name it we've done it.

Watch the video below, and be sure to check out Glidden Point Oyster Farms

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