Dog Stuff: Seasonal Plans from N-GAGE

Seasonal Plans, our subscription model, were designed to keep dogs and humans active together all year round. Instead of a monthly plan, we deliver quarterly (every 90 days) because we personally feel that a pack of well-built toys should get a dog through way more than 30 days.

This week, our friend Leo, who loves showing off his toys to his buddies, was kind enough to break it down for us... 

What's inside?

For starters, there are three size options: Small: Up to 15 lbs / Medium: 15-40 lbs / Large: Over 40 lbs.

The exact contents change every Season, but generally they include 4-5 premium N-GAGE Brand toys, and 1-2 accessories or pieces of gear for when you are on the move. Last season, I got a really cool plush squeaker disc and my humans got a cool pouch to put poop bags in that clips to the stretch leash they use to walk me.  

Here's an example of a Seasonal Pack for a small sized pup like me:

 How does billing work? 

There are two billing options:

Quarterly Renewal / You will be billed $49 every 90 days upon shipment of your new pack. This is a great set it and forget it option and what my Mom has me signed up for :) 


Annual renewal / You can pay upfront for an entire year of packs and save by choosing to renew annually. There are 4 seasons per year, which means you will receive 4 packs. The first one will ship when you place the order and the rest will come in increments of 90 days. This method will run you $180, which breaks down to $45 / Season. 


Remember, if you ever have any questions, or need to edit your subscription, you can always reach out to the team via the contact page

Currently, through Mother's day, N-GAGE is offering $10 off on both renewal options. 

You can view them in more depth here

Still confused? Watch the video of my best bud Leroy below:

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