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Share the Fetch: Finnigan

This week we're here to share the greatness that @finnigan_and_the_poodles has to offer.  Finn is a 3-year-old  poodle that is blind from PRA, a genetic disease that causes retinal degeneration. Finn and his siblings live in Maine. 
We caught up with Finnigan's owner; Leah who shared all the scoop on Finn!
N-Gage: What nicknames does Finnigan go by?
Leah: Mostly Mr. Finn!
N-Gage: What have the hardest parts of training a blind dog been?
Leah: Building confidence has been a challenge. As he was losing his vision he became fearful of people, so we spent lots of time building confidence and he is now comfortable meeting everyone.
N-Gage: Do the other dogs treat him as if he were sighted?
Leah: Yes and no, they're more respectful of him but they still play with him.
N-Gage: Where did the pink ears idea come from?
Leah: Finn spends lots of time with children teaching them about disabilities so we wanted something that would stand out and make the children remember him.
N-Gage:What do the ski/swimming goggles help with when Finnigan is swimming?
Leah:The goggles prevent Finn's eyes from being damaged by the trees and bushes around him at the river. Because he can't see he occasionally runs into things in new places.
N-Gage: How does Finnigan do with swimming? He seems to love the water.
Leah: Finn has always loved to swim. The fact that he can't see has never stopped him from jumping into the water.
N-Gage: Did you train Finnigan yourself or get professional assistance?
Leah: Finn was trained by me, although I had considered working with a professional when he was younger.
N-Gage:Would you recommend adopting a special needs dog to others?
Leah:Yes! Especially for anyone who loves training dogs. You can learn a lot from special needs dogs.

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