Share the Fetch: Montana

This week we caught up with Kylie Murphy and her new rescue dog Montana. With people spending so much time at home now due to COVID-!( what better time than to help a shelter pup. 

: How did you meet Montana?
Kylie: She was a rescue! We adopted her.

NG: How does Montana keep you active and vice versa?
Kylie: Montana is a Border Collie mix, so the nature of her breed always wants to be put to work or stimulated. I throw the ball with her 3-4 times a day as well as go on runs or walks every day!

NG: What does your typical day together look like?
K: She wakes up in my bed, I take her out, feed her, play a little, hang out, then probably go on a walk and play more. She’s always by my side, so we spend most of the day together.

NG: Where does Montana's name come from?
K: My brother's godfather is the governor of Montana, and I've always wanted to live there in the future, so that’s why we chose that to be her name. 

NG: How has Montana influenced your lifestyle, especially during quarantine?
K: She is always giving me something to do, even if it's just throwing the ball around or just encouraging me to pet her!!!! This has really helped me and my whole family survive the lockdown in a healthy way.

NG: Would you have adopted Montana if it wasn’t for COVID-19?
K: Growing up I had 2 dogs, and they recently passed away. Ever since, I have been begging my parents to get a dog. Since my brother and I were in college, they didn’t think it was smart because no one would be home to take care of the dog. But with quarantine, it became the perfect time to adopt, and my whole family is so grateful they did! 


Thanks Kylie!! 

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