Share the Fetch: Sadie

The rules have changed during the Coronavirus pandemic, and we want to make sure everyone stays inspired to continue providing their dogs with the love and attention they need and deserve. So we've gone and asked our friends how they've been staying active during quarantine.

This week we checked in with our friend Sadie and her mom Sarah, who've been lucky enough to have access to some good hikes. Sadie is a rescue Australian Shepherd and has been on many adventures in life like college, travel and moving across the country with her family.

Read what they've been up to below, and make sure to check them out and give 'em a follow on Instagram here --> @myaussiesadie  <--

"Sadie and I are very lucky to be living in a state where it’s still nice enough outside, so we can stay active when we can during these crazy times. We’ve found several amazing hiking spots in the mountains and some desert trails she loves exploring. As an Australian Shepherd, learning is in her genes so we’ve been taking this time to do more training to keep her mentally stimulated. She has always hated bikes, so one thing we are working on is going for bike rides with her jogging next to me. It keeps both of us active and gives Sadie the opportunity to learn."

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