Hydration Hydration Hydration!

You may hear it all the time...however, it's something that can unfortunately be overlooked with pets during the summer. 

dog with essentials packdog with zip bowl

Summer means heat and humidity are on the rise coast to coast. It also brings more outdoor time for you and your dog. Ensuring hydration both in the house and when out and about is key. One simple way to ensure our dogs are getting enough fluids is by having several water bowls available throughout the house. 

A mini “bubbler” or automatic water bowl can be a worry free way to keep water bowls constantly filled. In addition, there are pet drinking attachments that can be fastened to hoses or spigots outside. 

When you and your best friend are out and about, our Essentials Pack contains a reusable water bottle and a portable pop-up water bowl. This is perfect for both large and small dogs, and the material helps keep the cold water cool in the heat. It's also lightweight and can easily attach to a leash, bag or backpack. 

When out at the park, time can fly by. Your pup might be so caught up playing with others that they actually forget to quench their own thirst. As the owner, sometimes you have to intervene and break up the dog party for a quick hydration test and water break. 

According to pet microchip provider HomeAgain, here are some ways to gauge whether or not your dog is properly hydrated: 

"Perform the following tests to gauge whether or not your dog is properly hydrated:

  1. First test his skin's elasticity. With your thumb and forefinger, gently pinch your dog's skin between his shoulders, grasping just enough to lift it an inch or two from his body. When you release it, the skin should retract immediately. As the skin loses moisture, it loses its ability to pull back. In extreme cases, the skin does not pull back at all.

  2. Another method for determining dehydration is to check your dog's gums for capillary refill time. First, lift your dog's lip and look at the color of his gums. Next, press the gum with your index finger so that it appears white. Release your finger and watch how quickly the color returns, or how quickly the capillaries in the gums refill. The gums of a normal dog refill immediately, and the gums of a dehydrated dog could take up to three seconds to refill."

Additional tips for testing and hydration are available at HomeAgain.com

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