Dog Stuff: Week of April 9


This week we're following up with part 2 (part 1 here) of recommendations on staying active from our friends Teresa Hanula and Leonard Lee. Last week they challenged us all to a balance contest. If you've got a fun pic/vid of your dog showing off their balance skills, be sure to tag us @ngagebrand and @liveloveleonardlee and use #sharethefetch on Instagram or Facebook.

See below for another set of activities that you can add to your daily routine...

@liveloveleonardlee on hydrant


YES! There is such a thing as hardcore Barkcore! You can start with simple behaviors around the house; for example, place two paws on an object. Then work up to having them gather all four paws on an item. Try these two behaviors on different surfaces. Can they do it on wood, plastic, or rubber surfaces?

This will help them to generalize the behavior. Start slowly and reward generously for any attempts at the desired behavior. You can teach them to go over things, under things, and through or between things! Make some fun videos and share on social media too! Tag us @liveloveleonardlee and @NGagebrand, use #sharethefetch as well.

Scent Training 🐾

On many occasions, we are directing our pups on what to do. We have made many of their choices for them, but a great way to allow them a fun and appropriate dog activity is scent work! There are loads of doggie games and puzzles which can provide great mental stimulation for Fido! A quick and easy game is the traditional "shell game."
Take three cups and flip them upside down. Hide a treat under one of them, and then get Fido involved. Encourage him to sniff and explore! If he begins to scratch, paw or nose at the cup with the treat, lift the cup and viola! Reward! 

You can also make food trails for your dog to hunt down all around the house. The better your dog becomes at this game, the further apart the treats go! It can be such fun to watch them take off in pursuit of their meals which you so kindly purchased for them! 

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