Share the Fetch: Freya and Neela


This week we’ve got recs for staying active from our friends Freya and Neela and their mom Jennifer Cocchia. We’re super inspired by people that interact with their pets in uniquely fun ways, and we’ve been following this pack since the beginning of N-GAGE. Freya and Neela are two incredible pitties that love to play dressup.

Read their recs for staying active over the next few weeks below, and be sure to check out more of their award winning costumes on Instagram and give ‘em a follow: @Fierce_Freya.

Hello everybody, we are Freya and Neela from @fierce_freya, wishing you all health and safety at this time...

While the fur babies are glad to have their humans home with them, what do you do with them to stay active while sheltering-in-place? We have done a variety of different activities to keep us busy.

Playing with toys in the yard – Fetch and tug-o-war with our N-GAGE toys.

Playing with doggie pool – Freya is obsessed with running water so that is easy entertainment. Just be careful with the amount of water your dog takes in. Water intoxication is real and has consequences.

Homemade treats, snacks and bones – Frozen treats are great! We like a stuffed chew toy (we use: canned pumpkin, peanut butter, and turkey baby food together). Fill it and freeze. Tasty ice cube treats – mostly made of homemade bone broth, small amount of baby food and one blueberry per cube. I fill the ice cube trays with this mix and it’s an easy grab and go treat. Especially nice in the summer months when it is hot. Forever Bones are also great for keeping them busy.

Road walks and private or secluded trails – Just keep social distancing in mind. If you see another human or another dog, make sure everyone keeps their distance, including keeping the dogs away from each other. Dogs can have the virus on their fur, so it’s important for both you and your dog not to interact with other dogs.

Tricks and training – This is a great time to work on commands, including adding something new. Neela is currently working on a “Sitting Pretty” command.

freya neela and mom

Basically, have fun with your dog. Give them all the love and affection they yearn for. If you chose to go outside your property, just be smart and stay away from others. Enjoy your time with you fur baby.


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