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"Health is Wealth" reads the message board on the sidewalk in front of downtown St. Augustine, FL's Sprout Kitchen. It's a typical 90dg summer day as I make my way into the local plant-based eatery and I'm greeted anxiously by the wonderful thirteen-year-old shop pup, Darwin. 
Started by Forrest Masters and her husband Greg, The Sprout Kitchen / @thesproutkitchen provides the community with access to good, healthy eats in the form of cold pressed juices, whole food smoothies, salads and a fresh selection of plant-based meals. It's a great spot to sit down and enjoy a breakfast bowl, or to just run through and grab a wrap and some juice on your way to the beach. We're big fans of anyone promoting an active, healthy and happy lifestyle, and Forrest and co. are purveyors of positive vibes.
N-GAGE: Tell us about how you and Darwin met? 
Forrest Masters: Darwin and I met unexpectedly, I was on my way to the beach to meet friends and saw a sign that said free puppies... When I stopped to see what I could do, I locked eyes with the runt of the litter and knew I had to take her with me. It was a rough first few months as she needed a lot of care and it led to us developing a very strong bond. She has been with me nonstop since then. 
NG: You and Darwin have been on a ton of adventures, lived in different places... On the west coast, in Puerto Rico... have you always made an effort to structure your life to better suit her needs?
FM: Mostly I was moving to different cities for work, but it was always an important priority for us to live in places where there are lots of opportunities to enjoy nature together. I've learned that I benefit a ton by structuring my life around my dog's happiness, and my husband and I try to make sure to bring her along whenever we can. 
NG: So she's been a great motivator in terms of keeping you guys active, outside and on the move... What are her favorite things to do around town?
FM: She loves the beach and jumping in the waves. There are a number of nature trails we like to visit on the weekends. She has a lot of friends in our neighborhood and loves to visit them daily and get treats :). When we walk it's always her rules... When she's got her mind set on a route there is almost nothing we can do to get her to go in another direction. If she is determined to walk up one block and we're trying to go the other way she will freeze and become an un-moveable stalwart until we relent. 
NG: Lol too funny! She knows what she wants. Any other funny anecdotes or stories you'd like to tell us about?
FM: Oh there are too many to think of! Overall the general story theme for Darwin has been loyalty and adaptability. She has always been such a great companion. I like to say that Darwin has been one of my greatest teachers and I am beyond thankful that we are part of each other's lives.
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