Kodi's Third Birthday Celebration

Dog birthdays: written and celebrated by a crazy dog person, for other crazy dog people.   

This week, my dog @kodi_tha_pug turned 3! Birthdays are big in my house, so any member of the family, whether they have fur or not will undoubtedly be celebrated BIG. 

Kodi’s birthday is always so much fun to celebrate. This is actually only the second one that we have celebrated together, so I wanted to show her another good time this year.

I adopted Kodi a week or so after her first birthday, so every year I try and make up for that a little by doing something extra special. 

This is my and Kodi's first year living in dog friendly Austin, TX. If you have read our previous #sharethefetch blog post about our interview with @herboozytails, you likely know just how dog friendly it is. (Check it out by clicking the image below)  

zilker park #sharethefetch

With so many amazing options including hiking paths, dog parks as well as bars and restaurants - we simply didn't have enough time in the day to cover everything!  

It was an absolutely beautiful day out, so in the morning we went on a long walk/jog around Lady Bird Lake (aka the Colorado River). After that, with Kodi having such short legs it was time to return home and have some doggie birthday cake and open up a few presents!    

After we sang Happy Birthday, Kodi played with her new toys and took a much needed nap. While Kodi was resting up, I got back to work. I am a full time Interior Designer and work part time for N-Gage! I fired off some emails and had some virtual meetings, then before we knew it it was time for lunch! 

One of our favorite spots to grab a quick bite to eat is Vera Cruz which has authentic Mexican food, fresh juices and smoothies. They have a location close to my apartment here in Austin, and a cute small courtyard out front of the Line Hotel, where you can sit down to enjoy your yummy tacos and smoothies. Kodi's favorite is some grilled chicken with cheese on a plain flower tortilla.  

We enjoyed a quick lunch and walk and I was back to work! The afternoon flew by and next thing we knew we were on Rainey Street! This is a street filled with small bars that were actually old houses! Rainey Street always has tons of dogs walking around enjoying many treats from kind strangers. We went to a few different bars and even got a live band to sing Happy Birthday to Kodi!!

We stayed until the sun was setting and Kodi was wiped out! We stopped at a food truck on the way home and enjoyed some grilled cheese. She had a blast getting attention from strangers walking by complimenting her birthday hat and asking for pictures.

It was a safe bet to say that Kodi’s 3rd birthday was a great one!!

Happy Birthday @kodi_tha_pug! Don't forget to #sharethefetch

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