Dog Stuff: Week of April 2

This week and next week, we've got recs from Teresa Hanula and the epic Leonard Lee. Leonard is an avid trick dog whose tricks include handstands, driving in his own Jeep (for real), dog parkour and painting (more to come on this later). Two of his paintings have even been featured in a gallery in London. The way they put it: "Do what you love and love what you do."
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Dog Stuff: Week of March 26th

A weekly round-up of everything #sharethefetch

The rules have changed as we enter this phase of social distancing, and we want to make sure you are inspired to continue providing your dogs with the love and attention they need and deserve. This week, we want to mention two of the easiest ways to stay active together...

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A Message from the team regarding COVID-19

We're all in this together... Let's not forget our pets.

While the world heads indoors as we enter this phase of social distancing, we remind you to make sure that your dogs are enjoying the activity and attention that they most definitely will need and deserve.

We founded this company on the basis of inspiring humans and dogs to spend more time interacting together, and to offer products that help make that time the best it can be. And in an effort to keep reflecting the core values of this company as we move through the coming weeks, we'll be sending out regular updates with fun ways to N-GAGE. We'll also be posting them over on our blog, Dog Stuff

Orders will ship regularly until further notice. Don't hesitate to reach out to us should you feel the need. Our customer service lines will be open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST. AND we're always available via email as well:

Stay safe, stay careful. Remember your pets :)
Hang in there, and make sure to share the fetch. 
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Welcome to Dog Stuff: Stuff for Dogs

Got a pet family? So do we, and we want to hangout. N-GAGE is a community driven brand and is interested in your stories and any tips you may have about how to better interact with our canine companions. 
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