Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Time Promo

SPRING FORWARD! Daylights Savings Time is here, which means one extra hour of daylight in the evenings and warmer weather right around the corner, don't forget to set those clocks ahead one hour!

Warm weather allows us to spend even more time with out with our dogs. It's the perfect time to explore new dog parks, hiking trails, and go searching for some new adventure spots.

What better way to get out and get moving with your pet, than with some of N-GAGE's best sellers? 

Now through Wednesday (March, 17 2021) we're offering 15% OFF some of our best sellers. 

A collection of timeless classics updated with a focus on function and quality, N-GAGE toys bring interactivity to the next level with built-in textures, leash type handles and materials that float. They are all designed to broaden the range of playtime environments. Whether you're just tossing and fetching in the backyard, or romping through the waves at the beach, this collection is sure to create some memorable moments.



The collection includes:

The Bungee Handler:

Our version of the classic squeaker ball with an added small, leash-type bungee handle that brings interactive playtime to a whole new level.

The Propeller (Regular / Junior):

A go-to for all occasions. A highly versatile toy, great for toss, tug and float play. 

The Squeaker Ball:

Our riff on the classic squeaker ball. Natural rubber with just the right amount of bounce, hardness and texture.


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