Running Leash vs. Stretch Leash

With our campaign #StepUpForVets, the team at N-GAGE was extra active this past May. DL and I wanted to give you the breakdown of the tools we are using to help make our walks and runs with our dogs even better. 

It's key to have functional, well-built gear to help you go the extra mile, and here at N-GAGE we have two top preforming leashes.

My personal favorite leash is the Stretch Leash


I love the Stretch Leash because Kodi pulls very hard. She is small, but she sure is strong. When we are walking and running, she tends to lead me the whole way (until stopping and requesting to be carried home). The Stretch Leash has some give to it, so when she pulls, the resistance isn't as harsh on her chest, and it also provides stress relief on my side. The Stretch Leash is made with a high quality handle that utilizes ballistic nylon and is triple stitched with reflective piping for added safety and visibility. The inner handle is padded for added comfort. The expandable flex section I mentioned is made of a TPR rubber and includes added shock absorption on both ends. Lastly, a solid metal leash clip provides added safety and durability 

DL tends to lean towards the Running Leash.

Running Leash

DL and his dog Leroy are always checking out new running trails. The hands free Running Leash is a great option because it allows him to run almost effortlessly. It's especially great if your dog is like Leroy and loves to keep the pace with you. This can be worn around the waste or held in hand. It also includes a bungee-type stretch section that provides shock absorption to both parties. It includes reflective stitching and trim for added safety and visibility, as well as solid metal leash clips. 

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