N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular
N-GAGE Pack Regular

N-GAGE Pack Regular

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About to add a new pet member to your family? Know someone who is? Pick them up the N-GAGE Pack to help jumpstart toy drive, enhance training mentality, or to just plain have fun. These Packs are a great way to sample various aspects of the brand. They include plush, rugged, tug and toss, and fetch toys. Each Pack also has a fun surprise for the human such as a water bottle or carabiner.

We've made it our mission to build meaningful moments for pets and their humans. N-GAGE packs are our way of making it easy to introduce anyone to the #sharethefetch lifestyle. 

N-GAGE Packs come in three sizes
Junior: Up to 15lbs
Regular: 15-40lbs
Jumbo: 40lbs and up

Blue Pack


Moon Ball - A durable, floatable TPR sphere with varying cutouts designed for enhanced fetch.
Bottle Opener -
A varied texture, two-headed, rubber bottle opener shaped toy. Great for tug and toss.
Foxtail Football Regular - A heavy-duty, multi-textured rubber football with two knotted rope tails, for vigorous tug and toss.
Rope Bumper - A nylon rope bumper with a rubber stretch handle. Great for vigorous tug and toss.


N-GAGE Zip Bowl.
N-GAGE Bag Pouch with carabiner clip.

Red Pack


Ripstop Flyer Regular - A ripstop nylon disc that holds up well in all conditions. Extra flexible for easy retrieval.
Plush Cube Regular - A soft stuffed cube wrapped in ripstop nylon for a fun, light toss.
Knot Ball - A sphere of textured rubber and rope provides for varied textures and an enhanced fetch experience.
Bumper Soft Regular - A plush body and rope handle version of our Bumper toy. Internal squeaker.
Knot Handler Regular - A cotton rope knotted ball with a nylon rope handle for tug and light toss. 
Rough Ring - A multi-textured rubber ring with a nylon rope twist. Varied textures make for an enhanced tug and toss.


N-GAGE Water Bottle (12oz BPA free).
N-GAGE Keychain

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1. Not a chew toy, meant for interactive use only

2. Remove all tags and hangers

3. Discontinue use if worn, loose or torn pieces occur



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