Eusoh Partnership: A Unique Alternative to Pet Insurance

All About Eusoh: A Unique Alternative to Pet Insurance

Eusoh for N-Gage

An alternative to pet insurance, Eusoh is a community health sharing plan that reimburses you for your pet’s medical, wellness, illness and routine care expenses. Visit and use promo code NGAGE to get 2 months free subscription.

Here at N-Gage, we’re focused on helping pets and their owners enjoy meaningful moments together through fun, interactive play. We understand the role these moments play in enhancing the health and wellbeing of both pets and humans.

And as a community driven brand, we’re also about developing partnerships with people and organizations who share our commitment to promoting pet wellness. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the N-Gage Community to Eusoh, a unique alternative to pet insurance.

We caught up recently with Joe Cayetano, Director of Marketing at Eusoh who shared with us what his company is all about.

N-Gage: Joe, thanks for chatting with us. You’ve said that Eusoh is better than insurance. Can you explain why?
Sure. Simply, all the funds set for pet care will be used for pet care. Insurance at its base is crowdfunding. What modern insurance companies are doing now is getting a cut from the funds used for care. Thus, higher premiums equal higher profits for them. The only way Eusoh makes money is through the subscription fee to use the service. We don't hold, collect, or skim anything from the pool.

NG: Sounds intriguing! How unique is Eusoh? Is there any other company that is offering a community health sharing plan for pets? 
There are many prominent health sharing plans among religious communities in the United States, but there hasn't been one for pets. And there hasn't been a health sharing plan that has the technical capabilities and the abilities to scale like Eusoh. There are many established insurance companies offering pet care to their plans, but they're not incorporating the pure crowd sharing model that Eusoh is doing. On top of that, Eusoh provides transparency by showing our community how much everyone is paying for services and how much they are being reimbursed. 

NG: Our N-Gage Community is all about the wellbeing of our dogs. What types of wellness expenses does Eusoh cover?
Eusoh encourages pet wellness as well. Along with covering accident and illness expenses, Eusoh covers routine veterinary visits, vaccinations, and more.

NG: How does someone sign up and how does the process work?
All someone needs to do is create an account and add their pet's information (age, breed, gender, medication). Once that is completed, they can join many of our user groups or our moderated group. There will be a $48 fully refundable deposit needed at signup. This deposit will be used for care expenses and it will refill every month after funds are used. Add to that the subscription price, the most community will ever pay in a month will be $65. Over the past year, monthly fees have only been in the $40-$45 range.

NG: As we get close to the end of 2020 and look to brighter days ahead, what does Eusoh have in the works for 2021?
We believe Eusoh will be the engine for community care. Pets are just the beginning as it is validating our model. We'd love to move into the equine vertical, but we're also looking at community coverage for devices and smartphones. But for right now, we're focused on helping pets.

NG: Do you have a special success story you’d like to share?
It's amazing seeing how much money people are saving. But the most important thing is when we are there for pets and pet owners when they need us. With the pandemic, stay-at-home orders, and all types of economic hardship, affording pet care is getting more and more difficult. We're happy that Eusoh can be there when costs get too high. Here's a testimonial from a Eusoh member on how we helped him and his beloved rescue after surgery. 

NG: We’re thrilled that Eusoh has a special offer for the N-Gage community. Can you give us the details?
Yes! N-Gage community members can visit and use promo code NGAGE to get 2 months free subscription to Eusoh.

Eusoh N-Gage

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